Life Coach Bio | About Nina Rae – Certified Life Coach

Life Coach Bio | About Nina Rae - Certified Life Coach

“Each of us should be a blessing to someone else”. nr

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Life Coach Bio

Are you having a difficult time moving forward with life? Do you feel trapped, stuck in a rut?  You know there’s something more for you in life but you’re just not sure how to reach it. Are you afraid of crossing the threshold to exit that life of dissatisfaction so you can cross new thresholds that lead to fulfilled dreams and life’s rewards?

As a Certified Life Coach, Recovery Coach and Mentor Nina Rae will partner with you to help you find the solutions you need to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. With her knowledge and insight, she will help you release old patterns and move into fulfillment and purpose without limitation. She will help you overcome the emotional blocks that hold you back from reaching your full potential. In the process you will discover the benefits of forgiving yourself and others, facing your fears, exploring your strengths, and setting obtainable goals for yourself. Life Coach Bio.

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Being a teen mom, I was no stranger to hardships and difficulties during my youth. I became stuck in a cycle of self-destructive behavior and the consequence that followed. But because I became motivated to overcome that lifestyle I decided to make positive changes in my life.

It was my willingness to change and the guidance (coaching) from a few caring individuals who invested their prayers and encouragement in my life that I was able to overcome life’s adverse challenges. My testimony has been an inspiration to others who want to make positive lifestyle changes. 

Now I dedicate my life to assist and encourage others.  I am passionate about creating partnerships with individuals who are enthusiastic about elevating their life.  If you are serious and are willing to be responsible for your part, I will walk with you through your process of developing a rewarding personal, professional, social, and spiritual lifestyle.