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interview questions for life coaches

Here are several interview questions for life coaches that were obtained from


1. Energy and passion: Where do you get your energy – what motivates and turns you on? What are your passionate about?

2. Emotion: What moves you to tears of joy/sorrow?

3. Pleasure: How do you like to enjoy yourself? What do you enjoy doing?

4. Stress release: What do you find works for you to release stress?

5. Responsibility: Where are you likely to be most irresponsible?

6. Control: What emotion (anger, fear, anxiety, etc) makes you feel most out of control?

7. Sabotage: How might you sabotage your coaching progress and our professional relationship?

8. Results: How will you know how effective our coaching has been? (When you get to the end of the coaching series with the client you'll find my Coaching Evaluation Questionnaire helpful in quantifying this.

9. Coaching preference: How can I best coach you? For instance, do you like lots of structure or things done informally or a mix of both?

10. Learning style: Do you find you learn best predominantly by listening, seeing or doing,  or an equal combination of all three?

11. Goals: Do you understand that I support YOU, not just your goals? 

12. Values: What are your values – the things in life that are really important


Asking the above interview questions for life coaches will help you find a qualified life coach.

Certified Life Coach

life coach sacramento

My goal is to walk with you over thresholds, work with you to address your challenges, and help you accomplish your goals and transition into living a more rewarding life.

My individual life coaching programs are designed to meet your specific needs and coaching objectives. As a life coach, I recognize that some individuals already have identified personal and professional goals that they would like to achieve, but need help developing a tangible plan to produce results. Others become clients because they feel dissatisfied with where they are personally and professionally, but they aren’t quite sure what is causing their dissatisfaction.

No matter what your coaching needs are, my commitment is to help you identify what is not working, how to fix it, and give you the tools and the support you need to get the job done.

life coach sacramento

The success of my individual coaching process depends on clients having the following qualities:

High accountability

Commitment to doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals

Accepting ownership for the coaching process

Enjoy the process of growth and development

Life coaching is a partnership that only works if you are dedicated to doing your part.

Areas in Which I Help My Individual Coaching Clients

Time Management

Goal Setting


Personal Development

Staying Clean and Sober



Relationship and Family Issues

Career Success


Overcoming Trauma

Coping with Serious/Terminal Illness




Life-Changing Transitions

Mind and Body Wellness


Anger Management

sacramento life coach

I know I can make a big difference in helping you create the life you want to live. I’m currently accepting new individual counseling clients and I encourage you to contact me for a complementary consultation.   I will answer all of your questions about my individual counseling approach and assess how we might work together.

Together, we will determine the right frequency of coaching sessions to meet your work and family needs. Sessions are 50 minutes long and conducted on-line, by phone or in person.

I provide results-oriented individual and/or group sessions to people in need in the greater Sacramento area.

Take charge of your life - you are worth it.

Make that first step and schedule your free consultation session.